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Welcome to "Les loges de la nature".


We will continue the second Kerterre if the weather permits, because of course we are dependent on the temperatures, it should not freeze or rain.

The work will be continuous until the end of the 4th Kerterre. This can allow you to come several times during the summer / fall to see the site at different stages of progress , and according to your availability: for 1 week (or more) or for only one or two days.

We will confirm on the FB page and on our blog the effective start of the work, you can already subscribe to receive news from time to time and be informed as soon as the work resumes or send us an email ( with the dates that suit you best (date and duration of your stay(s)). The number of people per day will be limited to 10 people, so it is preferable to register, although as far as possible we will welcome all goodwill.


Note: this is a participatory worksite which was initially intended to be free participation, however for tax reasons and presumed undeclared work, we must change it to a payable workshop. However, we want to keep the spirit of sharing, so the required participation will be minimal: 8 € per person and per day (we will provide lunch).


Equipment :


You need to bring your own protections, namely:

- long-sleeved clothing and closed-toe shoes that you won't matter if they get dirty and will protect you from lime burns,

- protective goggles and a work mask.

- And above all gloves: 1 pair of household-style gloves to put under 1 pair of high plastic construction gloves going up as high as possible on the arms, and finally a pair of working gloves to break the hemp fibers.

- You can also take a hat, cap or scarf to prevent your hair from being dry.

For accommodation there is the possibility of pitching your tent on our land, park your van or otherwise we can direct you to the surrounding cottages or campsites if necessary. We will provide dry toilets, solar showers and equipment to prepare your morning and evening meals.


Reminder: We are not the Kerterre company, and are not approved trainers. We have participated in the courses offered by Kerterre, and are delighted to be able to share our knowledge and experience with you.

We can talk to you about our ideas, about the progress of the sites so you can reproduce yourself at home or elsewhere these habitats in the philosophy of the Breton company Kerterre.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information we will be happy to answer you now. And above all, subscribe to receive our news.

Looking forward to meeting you and THANKS for Helping and Sharing.

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